Google’s New Interactive Web Design Tool

Google has a new interactive web design tool called Resizer, which lets you test how web pages respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Just go to the tool, plug in a URL and see how it looks across each.

“As designers and developers of digital products, one of our greatest challenges is figuring out how to serve the right UI to our users at the right time,” explains Google’s Zach Gibson (via TheNextWeb). “No matter how they’re using an application, be it a phone or through VR, manipulating it with gesture or a mouse, on the latest and greatest tech or a hand-me-down 2G, it is our responsibility to make our products accessible to everyone—and that’s a pretty tall order. There’s no simple design solution to fit every need.”

“We’ve started to offer Material Design guidance around breakpoints, responsive grids, surface behaviors, and user interface patterns,” Gibson adds. “Now with Resizer, we have a dynamic way to test out that guidance and help spur meaningful conversations between designers, developers, and stakeholders about responsive UI.”

You can check out Resizer here. In a blog post, Gibson looks at several demos.

Google also has some interactive resources for design here as well as a library of over 900 system icons.

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