Google Adwords User Interface Gets New Design

Google has rolled out a new AdWords interface which is simpler and faster than before. The new look includes newly designed menus, tabs, navigation, and buttons. The new “Display Network Tab” makes it easier for SEO experts to manage display network campaigns within the Google Adwords interface. The interface has been made visually appealing while the sense of familiarity is maintained with the features remaining in their old positions.

Google Adwords User Interface Gets a New Look!

With the introduction of the new interface, changes have been made in the appearance of the graphical representation and statistical data shown in it. Google even allowed its users to clarify their doubts and put their views and suggestions about the new interface and the added features through its Q & A service ‘baraza‘ on June 21 keeping in mind that it can be hard for the users to adapt to a new interface.

With the launch of the new interface, what is your take on it?

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