Design your Cool Google Plus Profile Cover with PatCreator!

There are several Google Plus users who like to create their own profile cover, but choosing the best is a challenge. One option is that you can choose your own photo and crop it to fit Google Plus cover. Otherwise, you can use somebody else's creation.

Choosing the photo is however boring and something that everybody does. So, why not use your creativity to design a background, download, and crop as per the size of your Google Plus profile cover?

PatCreator is a really cool online application that lets Google Plus users generate their background patterns seamlessly. Follow three simple steps and you have your personalized profile cover. You can tweak the Texture, Color, and Pattern of the background the way you want. Moreover, the modes and opacity can be blended.

If there's no time to test and try, choose from the 11 stunning Google Plus Profile covers created by user Vasili Hartikainen, as he has given permission to use them. The covers have a resolution of 1060×608 px, which is good enough for a Google Plus profile cover. GIMP software has been used to make the background covers.


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