Check Top Internet Browsers For Site Compatibility

I always test my sites in the latest crop of browsers – FF, IE, Safari (Mac and Win), Opera. I’m still supporting IE6, unfortunately, but once IE8 comes out I may put a stop to that. Mostly I don’t find it too horrible; a few conditional comments usually take care of whatever issues pop up.

I was invited into a Fundable group for an annual Browsercam account and just got word that I was one of the last two that made it in. I find Browsercam to be really convenient for Mac testing since I don’t, at this point, own a Mac. (When my Dell laptop finally dies, it will be replaced with a Mac).

I know there are some pretty good free browser testing sites out there now, but when I only have to pay $25 as part of a large group and I get remote access to live machines, I can’t really pass that by.

Here are a few of the free browser testing URL’s:

  • (50 tests per month are free but you only get to use two browsers of the 23 available)
  • More info on cross browser testing from Smashing Magazine.

    Speaking of Fundable, that’s a pretty neat site in itself. You can set up a webpage to collect funding for anything, from trips to medical bills to group purchases like our Browsercam page.

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