August 18, 2017

Instagram Denies Copying SnapChat

June 2, 2017 Staff 2

For some time now, Instagram has been accused of stealing ideas from Snapchat. Now, the social media company’s CEO has broken his silence to put a stop to all the talk. One of the glaring copying offenses that Instagram has been accused of concerns its Stories feature, which is reportedly […]

Print ‘Moving’ Pictures From iPhone

May 25, 2017 Staff 1

Mobile printing startup Prynt has unveiled their latest gadget that can print colored photos in just 30 seconds, and makes use of augmented reality to produce “moving” pictures. The gadget is certainly cool, but don’t expect to get high-quality images. The printing quality of the gadget is reportedly pedestrian and […]

Image Search Battle Between Google and Pinterest

April 28, 2017 Staff 1

Google recently launched “Similar Items,” a rich product feature for Google Image Search. The new feature enables users to browse and shop inspirational fashion photography and find product information about items they’re interested in. Similar Items is an obvious competitor to Pinterest and users will find the feature familiar. Using […]

Pre-Roll Video Ad Best for Engagement

April 18, 2017 Staff 1

The results of a scientific media trial by <a href=””>YuMe</a> examining the impact and value of pre-roll, mid-roll, outstream and social video across multiple screens, including mobile and PC, found that pre-roll is distinctly the most preferred video ad formats Compared to mid-roll and outstream, pre-roll is considered the least […]

Skywalker and Google’s St Patrick’s Day Doodle

March 17, 2017 Staff 1

May the road rise up to meet you…and may the force be with you. Friday’s Google doodle may look familiar to Star Wars Fans. The St Patrick’s Day doodle show’s two shamrocks high fiving on a small island. The island in the doodle is meant to represent Skellig Michael, an […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Photos

March 6, 2017 Staff 1

In what is expected to be the one of several more leaked reveals in the coming days, hot new photos of the Samsung Galaxy 8 were posted a few hours ago that clearly show the device at almost every angle. Tech analysts were hoping to learn a lot about the […]

YouTube Video Captions Hit Milestone

February 20, 2017 Staff 0

“I envision a future where everything will be captioned, so the more than 300 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing like me will be able to enjoy videos like everyone else,” said Liat Kaver, a YouTube Product Manager focusing on captions and accessibility. “When I was growing […]

Major Redesign Coming From Snapchat

January 26, 2017 Staff 1

Snapchat announced a major redesign of their popular app on Thursday. The new changes aim to make the the app less confusing to use and better for content discovery. The update, which is first being rolled out to some Android users will soon be available to all users. These changes […]